Welcome to the official website of ZesCoin project, a cutting-edge cryptocurrency project that aims to revolutionize the way we transact and invest in assets. Our project is built on blockchain technology and incorporates AI-based trading bots and play-to-earn war games to provide innovative investment opportunities for users.

We understand the risks and legal disclaimers that come with trading and investing in cryptocurrency, and we prioritize transparency and education for our users. Our token economics are designed to ensure that our users can benefit from the value of our tokens as our ecosystem grows. Join us on our mission to transform the world of finance with cryptocurrency.

1 ZESC =
0.0006 USD

ZesCoin is a smart contract token that is used in online advertising.

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  • Local IEO 20%
  • Melon 20%
  • Global IEO 20%
  • Burn 12.2%
  • Founders 10%
  • Investors 10%
  • In reverse 5.5%
  • Airdrop 2.2%
Our Roadmap

Our roadmap outlines the key milestones and development goals that we have set for our project, and provides a clear timeline for the implementation of new features and functionality.


Deployed on the Ethereum blockchain

Whitepaper published

Opening of website

Launched the Zescoin Wallet app

IEO & Listed on

Trading started on (

Listed on

Listed on
2022 I

Launched MELON,
social entertainment
platform v1
2022 III

trading bot
2022 IV

Listed on
2023 II

Global exchanges
IEO & Listing
2023 II

Mobile Application
2023 III

NFT marketplace
2023 III

MELON project
phase 2
2023 IV

Game v1 launch
2024 I

AI based
trading bot
2024 II

Game v2 launch

At ZesCoin, we are committed to providing ongoing value and benefits to our users. As part of this commitment, we have implemented a buyback program that allows us to use 70% of our income to repurchase ZesCoin tokens from the market. Our income comes from a variety of sources, including the sales and profits of our services. By using a significant portion of our income to buy back tokens, we are able to create a more stable and sustainable ecosystem for our users.


Our burn mechanism is a key feature of our tokenomics, designed to reduce the total supply of our cryptocurrency over time. By periodically burning a portion of our circulating supply, we aim to increase the value and scarcity of our tokens, while providing long-term benefits to our investors and community members.

Max total supply :5,114,477,611
Total burn 608,299,852
Current total supply 4,470,708,707

ZesCoin 2.0

    Our whitepaper provides a detailed overview of our project, including our vision, mission, and the technology behind our cryptocurrency. It outlines our roadmap for development, our tokenomics, and provides a comprehensive analysis of the market and competition. Our whitepaper is an essential resource for anyone looking to gain a deep understanding of our project and the opportunities it presents.


Frequently asked questions


What is ZesCoin ?

It is a crypto token issued by "Seclab" LLC in order to distribute online advertising revenue to users and make advertising payments quick and easy. The project team is developing a social network platform, Melon, which will be the first application of ZesCoin. Trading exchanges:,,,


70% of the advertising revenue is for the purchase of the ZesCoin, as reflected in the rules of operation and further actions.


What is cryptocurrency?

Cryptocurrency is an electronic currency that is digitally located in an electronic environment based on Blockchain technology and exists without any central regulatory institution or organization. Cryptocurrency cannot be counterfeited and is created using alphanumeric encryption, or cryptography.

What are the risks of cryptocurrencies?

Anyone interested in cryptocurrency should do a lot of research. Cryptos exist on volatile, intangible, 24-hour unregulated capital markets and are not insured by any authority. Be aware of sudden price changes or price increases.


Please do your due diligence on the project you are considering investing in. hereto:

-Carefully read the Whitepaper of the project.
-Don't get with personal emotions.
-Don't make decisions based on other people's words.
-Beware of exposure to Pump (excessive price inflation) and Dump (excessive price reduction).
-Get news from official channels.

Things to consider when making a transfer:

-Try transferring a small amount before making a transfer.
-Check your forwarding address and other information.


Contact Us for Support, Partnership, or Collaboration

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